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  • Love Recycling survey results

    On March 20, 2020, we published ‘The Changing Face of Commercial Recycling in Europe (Part 1)’, a comprehensive look at the state of commercial recycling across the continent.

    Register opposite to download the report and get access to a detailed analysis of how effective your recycling activities are. You can understand the barriers that prevent you from doing more and discover where there are clear opportunities for improvement.

    We are now publishing ‘The Changing Face of Commercial Recycling in the UK (Part 1)’

    The UK report delivers specific insights derived from one of the largest commercially funded quantitative studies into business recycling and waste management ever conducted in the UK.

    Some key insights include

    • Across Europe, recycling is a top-3 issue for business, but in the UK, it ranks 5th
    • 99% of UK businesses expect the government to provide increased education for businesses, incentives to drive adoption and sanctions for companies that don’t do more.
    • Two-thirds of UK businesses stated a lack of government incentives as a factor in not doing more, while 53% say they get minimal or no government support at all.
    • Nearly half of UK companies cite a lack of shareholder engagement as an impediment to doing more
    • The UK report reveals the same phenomenon identified in the initial continental report. Businesses across the UK have a desire to go further with their recycling initiatives but are held back either by cost, bureaucracy or both.

    Get the full picture and detailed insights by downloading the report by registering opposite.

    Further information

    Great job! We’ll process the results and send you a link on 20 March 2020 to access and download the full report.

    Yes. The more people who complete the survey, the more authoritative the results become. This makes your personalised report even more useful – offering you more representative benchmarks to work with.

    The full report will be published on 20 March 2020. It’ll be available to download from this site. If you’ve completed the survey, you’ll receive a link to the research on 20 March 2020.


    2020 European Recycling Research Report

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