Love Recycling survey results

On March 20, 2020, we published ‘The Changing Face of Commercial Recycling in Europe (Part 1)’, a comprehensive look at the state of commercial recycling.

We are now publishing ‘The Changing Face of Commercial Recycling in the Europe (Part 2)’ This report presents findings on how commercial recycling was disrupted by the pandemic, and what knock-on effects it will have in years to come.

Some key insights from businesses include:

  • 86% will give more focus to recycling in coming years
  • 72% say their recycling isn’t always successful
  • More than half had recycling practices disrupted
  • Only 20% have implemented PPE specific waste collection.

Register opposite to download the report and get access to a detailed analysis of how effective your recycling activities are. You can understand the barriers that prevent you from doing more and discover where there are clear opportunities for improvement.

What Reports are available to you

An investigation into the pandemic’s disruption of businesses and their waste and recycling processes now and in the future

A study of where businesses are with their current recycling, where they want to get to and what stops them doing more

This report details how UK businesses are managing their recycling processes and what they need in order to do more

This market specific report gives an overview of industry waste trends and examines the recycling impediments businesses encounter


2020 European Recycling Research Report