Recycling Solutions

For us, it’s not enough to simply innovate to create exceptional products. Our solutions don’t just deliver results; they also generate a lasting impact – helping businesses to meet their Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility and sustainability targets.

The future depends on rethinking the way we consume resources – and commercial organisations have a major role to play in this. That’s why we provide them with solutions made to last; products that they won’t need to replace in a hurry.

We’re also a leader in recycling solutions, helping businesses to take meaningful steps on their journey to becoming truly sustainable. Our mission is to be the number one go-to partner for indoor recycling within commercial spaces – a goal we’re well on the way to achieving.

Making a lasting impact

Creating an effective recycling system means implementing consistent processes and products throughout your facility. That’s why Rubbermaid Commercial Products has developed specialised and highly customisable recycling solutions designed to be effective in any environment.

However, introducing new recycling infrastructure to your facility is just the first step on your journey. To make it effective, you need to influence positive user behaviour.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products offers a range of products, such as colour-coded containers and labels, that drive recycling compliance.

Recycling solutions

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