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  • Welcome to the Love Recycling research project

    The world faces a climate crisis. Our future depends on rethinking the way we consume resources – at home and at work.

    Commercial organisations must improve their recycling processes and the first step on that journey is understanding your impact.

    Since January 2020 we have been running the Love Recycling research project.

    In March we published ‘The Changing Face of Commercial Recycling in Europe (Part 1)’ Download the report by registering opposite.

    We are now publishing ‘The Changing Face of Commercial Recycling in the UK (Part 1).’

    This report delivers specific insights derived from one of the largest commercially funded quantitative studies into business recycling and waste management ever conducted in the UK.

    The aim is to provide a detailed breakdown of how companies of different sizes are undertaking waste management and recycling processes, what can be improved within existing processes and what impediments there are to greater adoption of sustainable practices. UK specific data, augmented with in-depth interviews of commercial waste management buyers in the UK, shows an increasing level of importance placed on the implementation of recycling practices – but also – a need for more information, education and governmental support to bridge the gap between intention and action.

    Download the UK Report by registering opposite.